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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

You can find the answers to our most commonly asked questions here. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please give us a call, text, or e-mail and we would be happy to help!

What are your prices?

How long does each service take?

  • A full grooming service (bath and haircut) on a small dog may take around two hours

  • A full grooming service on a medium to large (bath and haircut) dog may take a minimum of 2 hours and upwards of 4 hours

  • A full bath service on a small dog may take around one hour

  • A full bath service on a medium to large dog may take upwards of two hours

Can I drop my dog off early?

  • Yes, you are welcome to drop your dog off before their appointment. However the groomer may not be able to start on your dog until it’s assigned appointment time.

Can I drop my dog off late?

  • If you are going to be late to your appointment please let us know as soon as possible. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment without notice you may be required to reschedule your appointment or receive a late fee.

Do I need to pick my dog up right away?

  • Your dog is welcome to stay as long as needed if you cannot pick up right away. We ask that all dogs be picked up by the end of business hours or you may incur a late pick-up fee. Any dogs here for extended times will be provided potty breaks, water, and a comfy bed or blanket to sleep on.

Do you require up to date rabies vaccination information?

  • Yes, we must require proof that all dogs are up to date on their rabies vaccination. We cannot service them without.

Do you groom cats?

  • No, we currently do not offer cat grooming.

How quickly do you book up?

  • As we book up quickly, we recommend booking your appointment 3 to 4 weeks ahead for full service haircuts and 1 to 2 weeks for full service baths.

When can we start bringing our puppy for grooming?

  • We can start offering grooming services to puppies at 4 months old, after they have received all of their puppy shots and rabies vaccine. We encourage all puppy owners to start their puppy’s grooming experience at 4 months to ensure they become accustomed to the grooming process.

How often should I bring my dog in for grooming

  • We recommend a regular grooming schedule of 4 to 8 weeks, but you are always welcome to bring them more regularly if they need.

Is nail trim included?

  • Yes, nail trimming is included in all of our bath and grooming services.

Do I need to make an appointment for just a nail trim?

  • You do not need an appointment for just a nail trim, you are welcome to come in at any time during our normal business hours. We also offer other walk in services for pets and owners on the go! (Insert link to walk in services)

Can I bring my dog in for grooming services while in heat or pregnant?

  • For the comfort and safety of your pet, we do not service any pets who are in heat, currently pregnant, or suspected of being pregnant.

Can my dog be groomed while on medication or calming supplements?

  • Yes, we are more than happy to service any pets who require medication for health or behavior reasons. We only ask that any medications or health conditions be disclosed at the time of booking and during check-in so we can make the proper accommodations.

How is your staff trained and certified?

  • At Fabulous Fur, we have committed to bettering ourselves beyond the industry standard for education and certification. The minimum expectation for all staff is to be Pet CPR and First Aid trained through Pet Emergency Education.

  • By the end of 2023, all current and future grooming staff will be required to be certified through the International Professional Groomers association, an international certifier that holds a high standard for safety and education. For more information about what is required for us to be certified, click here

Are you a mobile groomer or offer mobile grooming?

  • Unfortunately we are not a mobile groomer or offer mobile grooming.

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