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Careers At Fabulous Fur

The pet grooming industry provides a wide variety of opportunities for people seeking an animal-centered profession. Combining training, behavior, welfare, science, art, and style in one profession makes this a one-of-a-kind career that accommodates a wide variety of lifestyles, ethos, and neurodiversity.

Those seeking a career with unlimited opportunities for growth, flexible schedules, a wide variety of specialties, and a focus on animal care may find themselves right at home in the grooming salon.

Fabulous Fur Pet Salon has worked to create an environment that encourages professional growth by offering opportunities for foundational and continued education for new and experienced pet professionals alike. With a fully paid, structured, in-depth, working apprenticeship for bathers wanting to advance their salon careers, Fabulous Fur sets our apprentices up for success both in our salon and beyond. Read on to learn about what to expect from a career with us!



A good groom starts with a good bath, so the foundation to every skilled groomer begins at the bath tub!


All of our prospective stylists get their start by learning the basics; bathing, proper product usage, coat specific drying techniques, brushing and combing, nail care, ear care, handling, and safety. While the bathing and prep process may seem simple on paper, it takes many months to polish those necessary skills.

Our bathers learn directly from a team of experienced stylists and Certified Canine Estheticians, receiving feedback, and building that foundation to ensure that when it comes time to begin a grooming apprenticeship, they are confident in their skill set.

Prerequisites for Apprenticeship

To qualify for a grooming apprenticeship, the following requirements must be met;

  • Minimum 12 months of bathing experience, with 6 months of that being with Fabulous Fur


  • Certificate of completion from an approved grooming/bathing school or organization and 6 months of bathing experience at Fabulous Fur

  • An up-to-date Pet CPR and First Aid certification

  • Letter of approval from the Salon Trainer

The currently approved certificates are; CPP from IPG, any Diploma from Whole Pet Academy, Certified Canine Esthetician, Golden Paws Grooming Academy, PDGA Dog Groomer Assistant, Paragon Groom Tech



Once the requirements for the apprenticeship are met, the apprentice will begin to work directly with the salon trainer for 3 days per week in addition to any scheduled hours as a bather.

The training will include a combination of practical skill building, reading, trade shows, shadowing, written work, and a final exam including both a practical and written exam. 

Topics Covered Will Include


Breed History, Canine Behavior, and Anatomy

From the anatomy of the canine skin to the historical purposes of our canine friends, our apprentices will be able to recognize and understand a wide variety of breeds, coats, and needs.


Practical Skills

Smooth and confident clipper and scissorwork is the foundation for all grooming. Utilizing tools and products to achieve client's coat goals while also focusing on safety and welfare is our top priority.


Breed Specific Grooming

In addition to popular pet trims, our apprentices will familiarize themselves with the traditional grooms of the most popular breeds they will encounter in the salon. They will also be taught the necessary skills to ensure that they encounter something new, they have the resources to find and interpret breed standard grooms.


How to Get Started

The first step to a career in grooming starts right here!

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